Bresso (Milan), Italy


Client: DiaSorin

Location: Bresso (Milan), Italy

Design Date: 2022-2023

Services: Interior Design, Landscape Design

DIASORIN HEADQUARTERS/R&D Center, Bresso (Milan), Italy

VIRTUARCH provides design services for DiaSorin’s brand-new flagship office in Italy, realizing an exclusive concept for the headquarters of Diasorin located in the new R&D Center near Milan, Italy. We adopted molecular patterns, extensive green walls and backlit perforated ceilings as main decoration elements.

The 8th floor offers working areas with open office spaces, small meeting rooms, an informal meeting space and a cozy pantry.

Entering the 9th floor, the company strategy of excellence, innovation and sustainability is precisely reflected in the whole working area. Besides bookable offices and a flexible conference room, a green terrace with a modern winter garden is designed to connect employee and nature.

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