Revolutionizing Learning Spaces at Wellington College Shanghai

In schools, the environment plays a pivotal role in shaping young minds and fostering creativity. Recognizing this, Wellington College International Shanghai embarked on a transformative journey last summer with the aid of VIRTUARCH, transforming the arts suite of the school and transforming corridor-dominated faculty buildings into a learning environment through innovative design solutions. VIRTUARCH had the goal to revolutionize the school’s aesthetics, creating an environment that not only prioritizes safety but also ignites curiosity and imagination among its students.

Central to the renovation project was the concept of returning spaces to their primary users: the students. Gone are the days of narrow corridors and poorly lit learning environments. VIRTUARCH’s vision was to open the space and provide the students with more opportunities for fostering creativity and interaction. 

Every corner was designed to support a playful learning environment

The corridor redesign was a triumph of blending functionality and aesthetics. By increasing the dimension of windows, natural light flooded previously dim spaces, creating an effect of generosity. Glass partitions, linear light elements and strategically placed display areas further enhanced visibility, seamlessly integrating the corridors with the surrounding classrooms. But VIRTUARCH’s innovation didn’t stop there.

Natural colors, glass partitions and linear lights visually expand and brighten the space

The introduction of the sound-absorbing boards was a thoughtful addition that not only addressed acoustic concerns but also served as a canvas for student creativity. These boards proudly showcase the artwork of young minds, infusing the environment with a sense of personalization. 

Formerly dark corridors have been transformed into vibrant galleries that showcase the artwork of the students

The transformation extended beyond mere aesthetics. Every corner of the school was meticulously designed to spark curiosity and inspire innovation among the students.

Modular furniture enables the organization of different kinds of activities that keep students engaged

Thanks to the vision and expertise of VIRTUARCH, the environment of Wellington College International Shanghai now mirrors its educational philosophy: one that fosters exploration, creativity, and limitless possibility. Indeed, this renovation project isn’t just about redesigning spaces; it’s about reshaping futures.

Project: Wellington College, Shanghai (Summer Works 2023)

Location: Shanghai, China

Built Area: 650 m2

Project Timeline: 2022 – 2023

Services: Interior Design, Site Services


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