Client: AHK

Location: Shanghai, P.R.C.

Industry Sector: Office

Typology: Office

Project Size: 1,900 m2

Project date: 2017

Services: Interior Design, Project Management


AHK Greater China focus on trade and investment between greater china and Germany, and also support more than 2,700 members’ business interests through membership platforms.The new office with 1,900sqm at 26th floor of Gopher centre which is a representative office building of Huangpu district.

The vision for the new space is a flexible, future-proofed and people-oriented environment for ongoing adaption and change. The entrance space is a comfortable, social, café setting with a strong focus on hospitality.

The meeting room is engineered by flexible desk furniture and incorporated additional moveable furniture to enable the space to change for various needs and events.

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