Aquatic center

Beijing, P.R. China


Client: Dulwich College

Location: Beijing, P.R. China

Design Date: May 2019-March 2020

Services:  Architecture Design, Interior Design


Aquatic Center, an advanced public facility, contains two swimming pools, watching stands, changing rooms, the lobby and reception space for the nearby children who study in the kindergarten, primary and secondary school of Dulwich. Due to the land reason, construction has not yet started.

VIRTUARCH has designed a combination of natural materials, landscape and natural light, creating a comfortable environment for exercise, study and relaxation. VIRTUARCH insists that natural lighting conditions, green plants are the key to the success of study environment where students are inspired to explore study and life.

VIRTUARCH’s designed a transparent, open building flooded by daylight; carefully positioned skylights illuminate the space, giving a different touch throughout the day.

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