Client: Blum Furniture Hardware (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Location: Shanghai (Qingpu Industrial Zone), P.R.C.

Industry Sector: Construction Industry, Building Equipment, Furniture and Fittings

Typology: Greenfield
Project Size: 8,450 M2
Project Date: 2006-2008
Services: Architecture Design, Project Management, Interior Design


This project focuses on the quality of the working place, implementing an ecological and sustainable design. VIRTUARCH was a pioneer in China in realizing sustainable buildings much ahead of the topic becoming mainstream, with this building having a massive 200mm thermal insulation and consequently implementing green roofs. As a consequence, it results in a very low power consumption for air con.

Needless to say that VIRTUARCH also optimized the logistics flow of the building, making it one of the most productive assembly and logistics centers in China.
The building clearly expresses the leadership ambitions of Blum in its market and serves as a competence center for introducing the solutions of Blum to its clients in China.

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