Client: Buehler China

Location: Liyang, Jiangsu Province, P.R.C.

Industry Sector: Food Processing, Food Technology

Typology: Greenfield
Project Size: 160,000 M2 
Project Date: 2015-2017 
Services: Architecture Design, Interior Design, Design Management, Site Visits


Buehler Asia-Pacific Manufacturing and R&D Center, designed by VIRTUARCH, was officially put into operation in Liyang, Jiangsu Province in late 2017. This new property is a modern, intelligent, high-quality, ecological and energy-efficient factory. The factory covers an area of 360,000sqm, of which phase 1 manufacturing area covers 148,000sqm, which is the largest manufacturing center for Buehler Group in Asia-Pacific region.

VIRTUARCH gave particular emphasis to the design of the main spaces of the building, being a bright 3-storey lobby enlightened by a system of carefully placed skylights and overlooked by bridges and conference rooms extruded as cantilevered boxes over the lobby. The showroom is placed strategically between the lobby and the factory, creating a special visitor experience when visiting Buehler Liyang.

Designed as a large-scale manufacturing hub, the facilities comprise a shed typology production building offering an optimum indoor daylight illumination while being perfectly inclined for a photovoltaic system dimensioned to cover the basic electricity demand of the factory.

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