Client: Buehler China
Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, P.R.C.
User Information: Regional Headquarter Building
Typology: New Office Building
Project Size: 11,000 m2
Project date: 2011-2012
Services: Architecture Design, Project Management, Interior Design, Landscaping Design


Buehler’s Regional Headquarters in Wuxi were rapidly growing. This lead to the need for 600 new workplaces, and VIRTUARCH was commissioned to develop this extension of the Buehler Campus in Wuxi.

VIRTUARCH designed a 3 storey office building with a very flexible, open layout. Three indoor courtyards with stair connections provide for natural light and an access to green space for all staff.

On the 4rd floor, VIRTUARCH created a generous customer center with conference rooms, an auditorium and a lounge with coffee bar and access to the roof terrace.

The building has been designed according to energy-saving standards. The façade is insulated, all windows have outdoor shading, the entire building is covered with a green roof; all these measures significantly reduce the heat gains during the hot periods of the year. A sophisticated BMS system controls among others the louvers, the lighting and the air con systems.

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