Changshu, P.R.China


Client: CSIP Advanced Manufacturing Park, Changshu

Location: Changshu, Jiangsu, P.R.China

Design Date: 2020-2023

Service: Architecture Design


CSIP Advanced Manufacturing Park covering the built area of 250,000 square meters, is a stunning landmark park towards new and intelligent industries.

VIRTUARCH was commissioned to design an eye-catching façade approach and a far-sighted zoning strategy for different functions, including single-story and multistory industrial buildings, as well as R&D facilities and other supporting services.

The CSIP Tower, a 19-story high-rise building, is located at the Park’s entrance, playing an important role in a visual appeal of cutting-edge technologies.

VIRTUARCH proposed three different design concepts of “seed of creation,” “flexibility and immersion,” and “visual dynamism” in building plan and architectural facade design of the park. The sharing and symbiotic relationship concept from the Internet inspired us to extend its range of functions into production, life, and ecology.

The high-rise building provides the company tenants and visitors with a range of supporting services, including hotel accommodations and service apartments, restaurants, exhibition spaces, shops, and management offices.

The efficient and low-carbon park features the multifunctional zones, the transportation network, and streamlined lines shaping the building shapes.  The user-friendly modules designed by VIRTUARCH, such as the unloading areas and awnings, give the clients an advantage over the standard industrial park.

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