Client: DULWICH College

Location: Shanghai, P.R.China

Typology: Office

Project date: 2019

Services: Interior Design, Project Management


The new office also had to be low-carbon, environmentally friendly, green and healthy; it should create a comfortable and warm office environment with a sense of belonging. After a thorough analysis and understanding of DCI’s education and business philosophy, VIRTUARCH created five areas of experience with its own feeling and functionality each: the reception area, the central conference area, the town hall area, the open office area, and the brainstorming area. In order to create a low-carbon and environmentally friendly office space, VIRTUARCH decided to use natural materials, such as diatom mud, green walls, recycled wood, and carpets with sustainability certification. An energy-saving light concept ensures a warm atmosphere while reducing operating costs. Most areas do also have natural daylight. Fresh air is provided via an air-purifying system. Warm colours create a positive atmosphere, mirroring the philosophy of the DCI and its brand. The overall design of the office space combines elements of Eastern and the Western culture into an office ‘workspace’ providing flexible, functional and comfortable work places integrating natural elements. In order to give the office a friendly atmosphere, a colour and material concept of warm tones was implemented, and carpets were chosen that reminds of moss and slate. The new DCI office is an excellent example of how to create a co-working space with private areas combining different cultures inspired by nature. 

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