Client: DEHONG Beijing International School  

Location: Beijing, P.R.China

Industry Sector: Educational  

Typology: Greenfield 
Project Size: 55,000 m2

Project Date: 2017 – 2019
Services: Architecture Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design


Dehong College (New Campus), Beijing 55,000sqm and locating at Grasse Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing, is a K-12 school. ‘Dehong’ is a leading bilingual school in China which was founded by Dulwich College London, a famous British private school with a history of 400 years. The classic British architecture surrounded by large green gardens have become the symbol of Dulwich’s Identity.

The whole campus is divided into two parts: the above ground teaching areas and the underground shared teaching and support areas. The above-ground part adopts a traditional architectural pattern. The main entrance connects the elementary school, the middle school and the high school with a multi-storey atrium, a reference to the historical building creating a main hall with a gallery. The underground areas, including science and art classrooms, restaurants, theaters and sport facilities create a contemporary learning “paradise” shared by all students.

It is a design breakthrough of VA to express “future” and “heritage” in the context of a campus’ landscape. The STEM course is the soul of the future school and the experimental cluster of the new science and art education. Here, teachers and students are no longer limited by traditional space, but enjoy an open space borrowing all technical equipment to complete creative and technological tasks. When teachers and students work in it, they obtain sufficient lighting and perceive the openness and extension of space, which is conducive to emancipating thinking and inspiring creativity. 

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