Location: Shanghai, P.R.China

Typology: Office

Project date: 2013

Services: Interior Design, Tender Support, Project Management 

Firmenich creative lab, shanghai

Firmenich QC Lab Modification project is located in Minhang District, including the renovation of drainage, HVAC, electrical instrumentation and interiors. The lab is redesigned to be able to identify up to total 12 kinds of perfume at the same time, which has extremely high requirements on leakproofness, water temperature, ventilation system, etc.


Special glass is chosen to seal the lab and divide it to 12 cabins. Each cabin is equipped with sprinkler system and independent ventilation system. We manage to fix constant pressure and temperature for the water clean system by adopting pressure pump, circulating pump, thermostatic water tank, mixing valve and automatic water pump into the existing system. The independent air ventilation system is in charge of recycling the environment of each cabin by absorbing, filtering and exhausting odor after-testing air to outdoor. The whole automatic clean recycling needs to be completed in 15 minutes for following tests..

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