German Centre

Taicang, P.R. China


Client: German Centre

Location: Taicang, P.R. China

Design Date: 2015

Service:  Project Management


The client wanted to build a commercial hub of Taicang where the companies can have co-working space and a functional environment for seminars, training courses, and other events. In addition, much attention was paid to the cheerful atmosphere for celebrating festivals.

On behalf of the owner, VIRTUARCH was responsible for a series of management such as design management, cost control and schedule control with the aim of the successful completion.

At the German Centre, tenants can get access to the complete service area and infrastructure which are similar to those of a large company. They can use the functional space consisted of the lobby, the reception space, the event rooms, the workplaces in the individually rented office spaces. They are also provided with social space such as the café and the bakery.

The client’s another desire is to create a sustainability building of energy conservation and green plants. Virtuarch’s vision is the same as the client’s one, building a green space centred on the logo of German Centre. 

A combination of many green plants on the lobby and a green wall with multi-stories high is successfully designed to add dynamism and an international touch to the bright and spacious space.

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