Goethe Institute

Beijing, P.R. China


Client: Goethe Institute

Location: Beijing, P.R. China

Design Date: 2005

Services:  Interior Design, Project Management

Goethe Institute, Beijing, P.R. China

Virtuarch had the role of designer and owner’s representatives. The space of about 1’200 m2, contains library, classrooms, one multifunctional room, one multi-media learning center and administration offices. German quality standards were requested, including construction quality control, environmental assessment for materials and a new air-con system.

The concept of the design, based on the contrast between black and white, utilized black granite floor in the whole area, black wooden doors and black window frames, while all the walls and ceilings are white. Lights and furniture have been carefully chosen utilizing Vitra products with some pieces of traditional furniture and with a highly sophisticated library furniture system.

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