Client: International School of Tianjin

Location: Tianjin, P.R.China

Typology: Educational

Project date: 2018 

Services: Architecture Design

International school of tianjin, FACADE RENOVATION

Since 2006, the International School of Tianjin (IST) trusts VIRTUARCH for the design of its campus development and renovation projects. The renovation step of Summer 2018 was the façade renovation of the “Han” Building.  VIRTUARCH proposed a multi-colour façade composed from carefully selected fibre-cement panels of Swisspearl.Tianjin, with its often white sky and its often gray-brown dusty environment inspired the designers of VIRTUARCH to choose strong, warm colours for the facade of this building. The new façade design carefully evolves the  original exterior color  palette of the school campus, also referring to the school emblem, a dragon dancing around the abstracted earth ball.The existing school building consists of three relatively independent, but closely connected areas: The main teaching areas with auxiliary teaching space dominated by yellow-beige colours, the public activity zone of lobby and performing arts center shining in warm orange colour, and the central, spacious library, teacher’s lounge and science block in deep red colour.

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