Client: LINDT China

Location: Shanghai (Pudong), P.R.CHINA

Industry Sector: Office

Typology: Fit-out

Project Size: 800 m2

Project Date: 2019

Service Scope: Interior design, Project Management 


LINDT, the Swiss premium quality chocolate market leader, commissioned VIRTUARCH to realize its new corporate brand office in the Financial Center of Lujiazui in Shanghai.

VIRTUARCH’s design matches the corporative identity of the Client with a modern, dynamic workspace with high representative value.

An elegant, representative meeting room was designed for 15-18 people.

The L-shaped 800 square meter space has a deluxe reception surrounded by a generous pantry for break time and social interaction, a polyvalent room for workshops and brainstorming, the more private area hosts a generous open office space with manager rooms along the curtain wall and a central counter for informal meetings.

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