Nara thai cuisine, central village mall, samutprakarn, thailand





Typology: F & B

Project date: 2019 – 2020 

Services: Engineering Design, Project Management

nara thai cuisine,central village mall, samutprakarN,THAILAND

Nara Thai Cuisine is a famous Thai restaurant, Nara’s new branch is located in Thailand’s first international luxury outlet shopping village, Central Village, which is next to Suvarnabhumi International Airport near Bangkok. Since VIRTUARCH already successfully managed the Nara Thai Cuisine Chiang Mai project and other projects for Nara Thai Cuisine, the Swiss architecture and project management company was invited again, this time for the engineering and the project management for Nara’s new branch at Central Village. The aim was to present Nara Thai Cuisine’s outstanding quality and blend it with the Outlets’ elegance, as well as to embed a touch of exquisite Thai craftsmanship into the design.

The huge French windows were set on 3 sides of the restaurant. Through the huge panoramic windows, the interior and exterior of the restaurant present a simple and transparent modern sense. From outside, people take a glimpse of the modern interior space; from inside, the guests enjoy the view of the customers of the Outlet Center.

As a long-term partner, VIRTUARCH fully understood Nara Thai Cuisine’s demand for a creative and stunning atmosphere in the restaurant, and therefore conducted an in-depth study of traditional Thai crafts to get inspirations. VIRTUARCH invited traditional Thai craftsmen, who are the third generation in the family of rattan weaver, to weave two large rattan lamps, three and five meters in diameter, as decoration, which took around 3 months to complete by hands.

Space on the ceiling are left for the two rattan lamps, giving it an artistic touch, also creating an atmosphere in which the guests of the restaurant feel comfortable.

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