Suzhou, P.R. China


Client: Radici

Location: Suzhou, P.R. China

Design Date: 2022-2023

Services: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Project Management

Radici, Suzhou, P.R. China

VIRTUARCH, as a partner, is very honored to provide Radici with services of Architectural Design, Interior Design and Project Management. 


The building fitted with a photovoltaic system and intelligent lighting system earned LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and GBL-2 star certifications.

The iconic glass and aluminum façade of the office building is designed for a pattern recalling both the company logo and traditional Chinese architecture patterns.

VIRTUARCH transformed the client’s vision to the implementation of the project, successfully creating a mixture of industrial aesthetics, Suzhou Garden’s touch and high-tech.  

It represents an outstanding example of VIRTUARCH’s approach to industrial buildings combining both functional production areas and contemporary relaxing workplaces for employees.

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