Shanghai, P.R. China


Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand

Location: Shanghai, P.R. China

Design Date: 2009

Service:  Project Management


Thai Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 is a testament to Thai architecture, emphasizing the theme of Thailand’s presentation at the Expo, which is “Thainess: A Sustainable Way of Life.” Thai Pavilion, one of the most popular pavilions at EXPO 2010, attracted over 260,000 visitors on the 10th day after its opening.

The exhibition area within Thai pavilion was 3,117 square meters, with a total investment exceeding 18 million U.S. dollars. The pavilion is thoughtfully divided into three distinct sections: a Journey of Harmony, a Harmony of Different Tones, and a Harmony of Thais.

Within each section, sophisticated audiovisual technologies in the showrooms and the theatre are utilized to showcase Thailand’s rich history, diverse culture, and the transformations brought about by the currents of globalization. The showroom with the use of water curtain and projection technologies is a success to create a new interactive experience to make visitors see, hear, smell and touch.




Several architectural and structural elements, requiring traditional craftsmanship, have been imported from Thailand, including the “Sala,” an open pavilion, which was expertly reassembled in Shanghai by skilled Thai craftsmen.

This project is implemented in the EPC mode, with Virtuarch representing the Thailand Ministry as the owner’s representative. Our responsibilities encompass construction and demolition management, with a strong focus on ensuring the quality of all materials, meeting construction deadlines, and employing sustainable practices in material disposal during demolition.

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