Jintan, P.R. China


Client: Vigel Group

Location: Jintan, P.R. China

Project date: 2022-2023

Services:  Architecture Design, Interior Design, Project Management


VIRTUARCH relied on its strong team to deliver a well-thought-through design and demonstrated excellent project management skills to achieve a satisfactory outcome that met client’s requirements for a new building facility. VIRTUARCH introduces the iconic “V” element of the logo of VIGEL on the street corner to give the whole building a powerful appearance.



The building with an industrial look consisted of many dynamic workplaces, such as meeting rooms, social rooms, a show room and a canteen.

From the exterior to the interior of the building, VIRTUARCH has developed a concept of environmental friendliness and great workspaces at low cost. Thanks to its extensive experience, it perfectly combines the power of architecture with dynamic aesthetics and promotes interaction between architecture and people.

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