Client: WACKER

Location: Zhangjiagang P.R.China

Project date: 2007

Services:  Architecture Design, Interior Design 


In this project we have realized a conceptual design for a corporate headquarter building in Zhangjiagang. Our project aims to create a contemporary, advanced and sustainable solution for the administration and canteen building in an environment with a campus style. The volumes of the buildings are inserted in the surrounding environment behind a big lawn and a central lake. The ‘L’ shape of the two interlinked administration and canteen buildings will welcome the staff and visitors literally with open arms.

Some of the products chosen for our design are based on material produced by the client, showing his involvement in the construction sector as well as an example for his innovative and sustainable philosophy. The buildings are designed to economize with non-renewable energy consumption with a strong layer of insulation, the roof covered with an extensive green area, using a solar energy to heat the warm water and to produce electricity.Our concept aims at creating a unique working environment with the latest available technology in China.

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