Client: Weidmann China

Location: Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, P.R.C.

Industry Sector: Machinery, Precision Tools, Precision Industry

Typology: Greenfield
Project Size: 14,000 m2
Project Date: 2009-2010

Services: Architecture Design, Interior Design, Project Management

Weidmann, Jiaxing

WEIDMANN, a company world-wide leader for production of insulating paper boards for transformers realized its most advanced project in China. The project consists in a complex cluster of single and multi storey production and warehouse buildings with a mixed concrete and steel structure.

VIRTUARCH designed the building as a compact volume with elements of different heights sticking out and a courtyard cut into the volume.
The office building with the representative and the social functions are located close to the courtyard, with direct access to the workshop buildings.

This low-cost project fulfils all technical and quality requirements and the special production requirements of WEIDMANN, while clearly sticking out in the Industrial Park by having a unique character.

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