A New Green & High-Performance Factory for RadiciGroup

Opening ceremony of RadiciGroup new factory in Suzhou

RadiciGroup, a leading Italian company in the production of high-performance polymers, officially inaugurated its new fully-owned facility in Suzhou on April 21st. The industrial site hosts production and R&D areas, alongside offices, a showroom, a rooftop garden, and parking areas. 

The iconic glass and aluminum façade of the office building, with a pattern recalling both the company logo and traditional Chinese architecture patterns, welcomed the large delegation of RadiciGroup coming all the way from Italy to celebrate this outstanding achievement together with local and Italian authorities in China, alongside commercial partners and friends. 

The iconic façade inspired by Radici’s logo and Chinese traditional architecture

During the ceremony, Angelo Radici, President of RadiciGroup, affirmed that “Working in harmony with the environment and people runs deep in our veins,” and added that the company has grown immensely since starting up manufacturing operations in China more than fifteen years ago. 

VIRTUARCH is glad to have contributed to this important achievement in the development of RadiciGroup in China acting as the design and project management company for this milestone project. 


Check out the video of the opening ceremony!

The design concept for this project perfectly resonates with RadiciGroup’s sustainability strategy, which aims to build industrial and business growth on the responsible use of resources. 

In fact, we have adopted the most advanced green building technologies available today which take into consideration factors such as energy-saving, carbon footprint reduction, rainwater recycling, and intelligent lighting system alongside the wellness and comfort of employees in the workplace. 

A notable feature of the new site is the installation of a photovoltaic system on the rooftop with a capacity of 1.4 MW to produce renewable energy. Thanks to these state-of-the-art technologies, the building has earned LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and GBL-2 star certifications.

A functional and colorful production area for a more enjoyable work experience

The new factory designed to improve the efficiency of production flow and logistics

Once inside the building, guests have been impressed by the well-organized, spacious production hall with its state-of-the-art production equipment installed on a multistory platform structure within the building.

Alberto Sessolo, Country Manager of RadiciGroup, introducing the new production facility to the guests

Factory tour

Moving on to the office building, visitors were amazed entering the bright lobby which features the sinuous spiral staircase that gives a sense of elegance and dynamism to the whole space. Following this ideal path, guests can reach the second floor which hosts an open space office area, alongside the lounge and the canteen where visitors and employees can enjoy some rest and exchange informal talks.

The winding spiral staircase gives an elegant and dynamic vibe to the whole space

Continuing to the third floor, besides the showroom and the manager’s main office, employees and visitors can also enjoy and relax in the characteristic rooftop garden.

A relaxing rooftop garden to reconnect with nature

“The project of RadiciGroup in Suzhou represents a great example of VIRTUARCH’s approach to designing industrial buildings, combining both functional, production-related requirements and vision for contemporary workplaces”, said Daniel Heusser, Founder of VIRTUARCH, who attended the ceremony. Based on clear functionality, VIRTUARCH has developed a building design which boosts productivity, incorporates smooth logistics and hosts inspirational workplaces for Radici’s employees.

At VIRTUARCH we are proud to have been part of this outstanding achievement of RadiciGroup and wish them all the success in their new facility in Suzhou!

Our best wishes to RadiciGroup! 

If you are interested in transforming your factory into a greener and higher-performing building, please feel free to contact us at: info@virtuarch.net.

Project Name: RADICI Suzhou
Owner: Radici Suzhou High Performance Polymers
Project Size: 23,400 ㎡
Construction Time: February 2022 – April 2023 
Services: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Project Management
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