A Pragmatic and Contemporary Logistics Hub for BERTSCHI

The grand opening of BERTSCHI Zhangjiagang Liquids Hub on July 5th and 6th marked a significant milestone for the global development of the BERTSCHI Group, a leading logistics service provider specializing in transportation for the chemical industry. Situated in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, this hub spans a total building area of 18,000 m2. It is not just a logistical marvel but also stands out for its commitment to the highest safety and sustainability standards.

Bertschi’s Zhangjiagang Liquids Hub opening ceremony

Situated in the Yangzijiang International Chemical Industrial Park, BERTSCHI’s Zhangjiagang Liquids Hub will play an important role in the handling of chemicals in the region.

VIRTUARCH was employed as the architecture and interior design consultant for the project, being responsible for the project’s industrial aesthetic and user-friendly functionality. VIRTUARCH applied an industrial logic, elegantly executed through dark horizontal steel cladding, emphasizing the light glass surfaces. The facade design, respecting budget constraints, boasts a range of balanced grey tones.

Drone view of BERTSCHI’s Zhangjiagang Liquids Hub

Office and service building of the Liquids Hub

The administration and services building comprises two distinct and separate sections: an office area and a utility section, each spanning three floors. The first floor of the office area serves as a shared space that includes the reception hall, meeting rooms, the canteen, and relaxation areas. The second and third floors comprise an open office area, the management offices, and various well-equipped areas for daily office needs, such as an archive room, monitoring room, and storage room.

Upon entering the office, the eye-catching front desk, backed by the Pandomo wall where light and shadow intertwine, captures the attention of visitors. The Pandomo wall embodies both order and classic aesthetics, serving as the ideal canvas for natural light.

The front desk is backed by a classy Pandomo wall

In the second-floor tea room, a double-story high gathering space is available for the staff of BERTSCHI and the visitors. The bright space changes dynamically with the daylight according to the time of day and seasons. Glass windows in the open space extend the perception of space, creating a dynamic visual spectacle alongside architecture and light and shadow.

The bright double-story high tea room

The spatial layout on the second and third floors rejects traditional independent offices in favor of an open office concept, promoting efficient communication and cooperation, and fostering a collaborative co-creation environment. Abundant plant distribution throughout the space gives a sense of vibrant vitality against the backdrop of white furniture.

The open office promotes efficient and cooperative communication

To optimize the dining environment, the canteen is strategically placed near windows, fostering an open and bright waiting area. Perforated gypsum board on the ceiling aids in noise reduction, while seats adorned with logo red create a visually striking contrast and balance with the white surroundings.

The canteen is strategically positioned near windows, creating a relaxed atmosphere

The Zhangjiagang Liquids Hub sets a new standard for safety and sustainability in chemical logistics hubs in China. VIRTUARCH, consistently adapting to the demands of its clients, is glad to have played a significant role in the realization of this pioneering project and wishes BERTSCHI Group all the success in their new Zhangjiagang Liquids Hub.


Total Building Area: 18,000 m2

Project Timeline: 2020-2022

Services: Architecture Consulting, Interior Design


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