CSIP Tower: A Forward-Looking Architectural Landmark in Changshu

In Changshu, a city around 1 hour from Shanghai, VIRTUARCH designed the CSIP Tower, a multifunction highrise building serving as an architectural landmark in a newly developed Industrial Area.

A Forward-Looking Concept for the CSIP Tower

This 19-story high-rise building is strategically located at the Park’s entrance, making it a focal point for both residents and visitors.

A multi-function hub serving the whole industrial area

Covering an impressive total construction area of 51,769 m2, with 19 floors above ground and an additional basement parking of 18,200 m2, this multifaceted building seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. Functioning as a central hub, it caters to a range of activities, including hotel accommodations and service apartments, restaurants, exhibition spaces, shops, and management offices.

For this building, VIRTUARCH conceived a visionary concept with the goal of optimizing operational efficiency and services through the integration of information and communication technology along with the Internet of Things, creating a vast network system that connects surrounding industries. The focus on sharing extends to various functions, covering aspects of production, life, and ecology. The ultimate objective is to establish a comprehensive, user-friendly, energy-saving, and low-carbon MOBO service platform.

A Dynamic Exterior Design

The architectural value of the Multi Function Centre is immediately apparent in its design. Inspired by the surrounding Advanced Manufacturing Park for the automotive industry also designed by VIRTUARCH, the building borrows aesthetic elements from the exterior of cars. The podium’s façade features horizontal streamlined elements that convey a dynamic visual appeal, while the tower seamlessly continues this design motif, ascending with an increasing rhythm. Aluminum panels of varying widths, combined with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, create a facade that is both diverse and imposing. 

South façade of the CSIP Tower facing the main street

The imposing tower enhances the Park’s visual appeal

The light-toned exterior imparts a sense of neatness and cleanliness, mirroring the precision of the adjacent industrial activities. Notably, the use of transparent glass curtain walls contributes to the building’s overall simplicity and a distinctive sense of sophistication.

Detail of the transparent glass curtain walls and the main drop-off for the lobby

A Sustainable and Harmonious Landscaping

In the west of the building lies a generously sized open space, perfect for landscape design, serving as a focal point for aesthetic and recreational purposes. The southwest corner, complementing the waterscape design, integrates open lawns and meticulously planned greenery, interconnected by inviting garden pathways. This thoughtful landscaping creates a leisurely and communicative space aimed at fostering collaboration and relaxation. The emphasis on ecological elements aligns with the broader commitment to a low-carbon footprint, making the Multi Function Centre not just a hub for business but a sustainable and welcoming space for everyone.

The large green space in the southwest corner creates a harmonious landscape

An Integrated Building for the Manufacturing Park

The strategic location of the Multi Function Centre caters directly to the needs of enterprises and workers within the surrounding industrial area. By offering a comprehensive array of services, the Centre seamlessly integrates business and living requirements, fostering economic interaction within the district. This innovative approach goes beyond mere functionality, transforming the Centre into a catalyst for enhancing the value of the region. The real integration of production space and urban amenities ensures that the Multi Function Centre is not just a standalone structure but an integral part of the dynamic ecosystem of the CSIP Advanced Manufacturing Park.

The Multi Function Centre will serve the business and living needs of the region


In the bustling landscape of Changshu’s industrial hub, the Multi Function Centre inside the CSIP Advanced Manufacturing Park stands tall as a beacon of modernity and innovation. Its design, rooted in the principles of efficiency, sustainability, and function integration, reflects a paradigm shift in architectural thinking.

As it caters to the diverse needs of its users, from industrial executives to casual visitors, the Centre becomes more than just a building; it becomes a cornerstone in the economic and social development of the region, contributing to the long-term prosperity of its community.

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Project: CSIP TOWER, Changshu

Location: Changshu, Jiangsu, China

Built Area: 51,769 m2

Project Timeline: 2020 – 2023

Services: Architectural Design


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