FuturaSun’s New Gigafactory in Suzhou: Groundbreaking Ceremony

On December 27th, FuturaSun, the leading Italian manufacturer of photovoltaic panels, celebrated a significant milestone with the groundbreaking ceremony for its new Asian headquarters in Wuzhong District, Suzhou. The facility will house a Gigafactory, Headquarter Functions and a Research & Development Centre. The ceremony was attended by Chinese and Italian authorities, establishing the foundation for a collaborative effort aimed at promoting the development of the photovoltaic sector.

Watch the video of the groundbreaking ceremony!

Situated in the industrial area of Mudu Town, Wuzhong District, the Gigafactory spans 32,677 square meters of land, featuring a total construction area of 77,166 square meters, including an underground parking garage covering 8,962 square meters. The strategic location, just 1.5 kilometers from rail transit, ensures seamless connectivity, further affirming its potential as a hub for innovation and development. VIRTUARCH was glad to be entrusted with the architectural design concept for the new FuturaSun Gigafactory.

Design Concept

The design of the three buildings, with their rounded corners, resonates with the elegant curvature found in the corporate logo. This design choice deliberately departs from the austere façade typical of traditional industrial parks, presenting a more dynamic and cutting-edge aspect.

On the building’s façade, a series of white horizontal lines is employed to create a consistent visual style. These lines exhibit an upward trajectory, symbolizing the positive development of FuturaSun and conveying greater dynamism to the whole space.

Noteworthy is also the integration of solar panels on the façade facing the main street, serving as a visual representation of FuturaSun’s products and its commitment to sustainability. And of course, the roof of the Gigafactory is largely covered with PV panels.

The three buildings embody a modern and dynamic design

Thanks to the large area available, the three buildings overlook a spacious central square, connecting them and forming a generous square in front of the main building.

The parapet over the main entrance is elevated to form a terrace, linking the buildings on the second floor level.

Aerial view of FuturaSun’s Gigafactory in Suzhou

By combining innovative architectural design with sustainable practices, the Gigafactory adopts, for example, the principles of the Sponge City Program promoted by the Chinese government. This program advocates the use of green infrastructures for water collection, storage, and purification. The primary objective is to enhance flood prevention capacity, diminish pollution, elevate the utilization rate of rainwater resources, and improve overall environmental impact. Through permeable paving, rain gardens, and sunken green spaces are strategically incorporated to enhance rainwater storage within the factory area, steering away from conventional rapid drainage practices.

As the photovoltaic industry continues to evolve, the Gigafactory is set to become a catalyst for the advancement of photovoltaic technology in China. We extend our best wishes to FuturaSun for all the success in their new Gigafactory and Research & Development Centre in Suzhou!

Project Name: FuturaSun, Suzhou
Built Area: 77,166 m2
Construction Time: May 2023 – Today
Services: Architectural Design




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