Clear. Elegant. Well-arranged. In this post we will give you an introduction of the VIRTUARCH official website. In a few clicks you instantly get an idea what this Swiss architecture company is doing for many years: Sustainable, visionary, and award-winning projects on different scales. Alberto Rader and Jimmy Adams from moot. created the positioning and visual identity that matches VIRTUARCH’s standards – and the visitors demands for a user-friendly website.

One Click Says All

“Our website shows the heart of our philosophy, our core competencies, and important aspects of our work. Most importantly, it is designed to help visitors quickly find what they want or simply enjoy browsing through our displayed cases,” explains President of VIRTUARCH, Daniel Heusser. VIRTUARCH’s core competence is reflected in two main areas: Architecture & Interior Design on the one side, Project Management on the other. Both aspects are clearly structured, described in a concise way and enriched with many examples of the company’s broad portfolio.

Simple and Simply User-Friendly

What is important for a visitor to know? How fast can he find it? A user-friendly design and an intuitive understanding were the most important aspects in the creation of VIRTUARCH’s digital information hub. “The website’s UX and UI were designed to create a clear and ergonomic experience, giving the projects of VIRTUARCH a proper stage. Interaction, navigation, and aesthetics had been carefully thought through to create a light and modern feeling,” explains Alberto Rader.

Main Competence at a Glance

The integration of filters allows a quick search and easy exploration of VIRTUARCH’s work. Searching by Category, Sector, Services leads to quick results. You can select the main sectors of VIRTUARCH’s areas of competence: 

Educational, Industrial, Offices/Headquarters, R&D Centers, and Commercial F&B.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The projects are presented in a way that is easy to grasp. “Never too opulent or extravagant, the site is simply organized to allow the depth of contents to be easily discovered. The heart and soul of VIRTUARCH’s work are clearly reflected in our website,” resumes Daniel Heusser.

Explore VIRTUARCH official website by clicking “Read More”.

About moot.
Founded by partners Jimmy Adams & Alberto Rader, moot. is a multidisciplinary creative agency based in Shanghai. The multicultural core team merges both international and local Chinese knowledge bringing strengths to brands across diverse business sectors.

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