Message of the President

Born in Times of SARS. Strengthening in Times of COVID -19.

Dear Clients, Partners, Colleagues and Friends,

VIRTUARCH Shanghai was born 2003 in times of SARS. When I headed off to Switzerland to organize all the paperwork needed for establishing a subsidiary office in China, Pudong Airport was filled with people wearing face masks. Despite of people in Europe being concerned about a pandemic, I was received friendly by everybody. Some friends warned me it would not be the right time to invest in China. Some thought I was crazy.

Making an impact

I did it anyway. And despite of the beginnings being difficult, we made it and never regretted it. Our office in Shanghai has grown over the years to be a brandmark for being a reliable, innovative and inspiring partner to develop projects with. We have, through these years, developed a good portfolio of interesting projects for Schools, Industries, Offices and R&D Centers.

Emerging stronger

Now, 17 years later, face masks are back in daily life; Covid – 19 and the policies to mitigate the risk of an uncontrolled pandemic are posing new challenges to all businesses. While unsecurities have sharply increased, I think there are also new chances in this crisis. China will be one of the countries coming out stronger from this pandemic, and while it’s to be expected that growth and profits will take a hit this year, I firmly believe that new and even better opportunities will emerge from this crisis for all players who are fit and willing to address the challenge.

Looking forward

I’d like to express my gratitude to all our Clients who continue realizing great projects, to our Partners and Colleagues who are contributing to transforming this crisis to a chance, and of course to all our friends who follow our venture and support us with good advice, friendship and humor.

Wishing you and your families all the best, good health and success!

Daniel Heusser



VIRTUARCH is serving its clients in Asia out of its offices in Shanghai, P.R.China and Bangkok, Thailand. VIRTUARCH is specialized delivering projects in the fields of Schools and Educational Facilities, R&D Facilities, Offices and Headquarters,Industrial Buildings,  Restaurants, Shops and Showrooms. VIRTUARCH’s offices in Asia are fully up an running despite the current Covid-19 crisis, serving clients from all over the world.


Our track record in Asia:

  • 160Educational Projects
  • 35 R&D Facilities Projects
  • 205 Office and Headquarter Projects
  • 147 Industrial Projects
  • 39 Restaurant, Shop and Showroom Projects
  • Etc.


EMAG Taicang: VIRTUARCH’s first landmark industrial project in China, 2004

French & German School Shanghai: VIRTUARCH inserted an award-winning library project into the center of the existing EUROCAMPUS in Shanghai, 2009-2011

BUEHLER Wuxi: A sustainable headquarter office building for one of the leading Swiss companies, 2011-2014

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