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Groundbreaking for MOOG’s High-tech Manufacturing Site in Taicang

MOOG designs and manufactures the most advanced motion control products. For aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical applications, precise control of velocity, force, acceleration, and fluid management are critical.

For their new manufacturing plant in Taicang, MOOG, therefore, looked for an advanced concept for building a contemporary, productive and state of the art factory and assigned VIRTUARCH with this task.

VIRTUARCH, the Swiss Architecture and Project Management company with a 20 years track record of realizing outstanding Industrial Projects in China, was the right partner for this task. At today’s ground-breaking in Taicang Industrial Zone, MOOG pointed out the unique ability of VIRTUARCH to transport the high user requirements into a visionary factory design fulfilling all expectations.

Creation through Collaboration

“Architecture must have something that appeals to the human heart. Creative work is expressed in our time as a union of technology and humanity.” 

– Kenzo Tange

Excellent project outcomes are established on solid foundations. A collaborative working unit of MOOG and VIRTUARCH was quickly based. This establishment created a conduit for ideas and clear thinking seen in this unique synthesis of modern architecture.

The designers looked at MOOG’s technological creativity as an inspiration for this contemporary design. The use of a contemporary architecture language allows VIRTUARCH to interpret MOOG’s mastering of the control of velocity, force, acceleration, and fluid management. Critical elements in the facades, curved rounded fluid lines, smooth rounded forms, unconventional volumes, dynamic symmetry, and free form-shapes provide the vernacular of fluid dynamics, energy and rhythm.

The facade concept is a symphony of motion and lightness, capturing the MOOG Industrial Group’s genesis and ethos in this bold statement. The interwoven contrasting flowing lines create visual movement, a vibrant pulse to the building. The uniformity of its asymmetry defines this facade.

The facade material is a unique blending of metal panels in 3 shades of grey and white with fluid rounded corners. The large expanse of glazing is evidence of the facade’s contemporary genetics.

VIRTUARCH always emphasizes the importance of creating those first impressions of entry. The designers have delivered an impressive three-level sun-lit atrium with a stylish open stair and glazed elevator. From the rooftop entertainment garden to the generous use of interior space and volume, this is an exceptionable building for efficient production and the well-being of MOOG employees.

Project Name: MOOG, Taicang

Plot AreaTaicang, Jiangsu, P.R.China

GFA13,235.47 m2

Project Timeline: 2022-2023

ServiceArchitecture Concept Design 

and Design Review

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