Client: BOMAG

Location: Changzhou, P.R.China

Typology: Industrial

Project date: 2018

Services: Architecture Design, Interior Design, Project Management


BOMAG is the world’s leading manufacturer of road equipment from Germany. BOMAG’s new plant in Changzhou offers a production area of about 40,885 square meters and has a multifunction building of circa 5,583 square meters with office and R&D functions, as well as a generous lobby with show room, meeting and training rooms and leisure spaces and social functions such as a canteen and changing rooms. It is an industrial project with unique aesthetic attributes, and a new landmark which shows how VIRTUARCH leads industry trends in modern industrial building design and implementation. The office building is located in the southern part of the plant, with a length of 140 meters and a width of 35 meters. The internal functions include semipublic functions on the Ground Floor (1/F) such as reception, showroom, training and meeting rooms, staff canteen and the changing rooms for the workers entering from the side entrance, while generous open space offices and management offices are located on the upper floors of the building. A balcony in front of the 2/F and the sculpturally shaped roof give the office building a characteristic dynamic shape.The exterior of the building reflects an intelligent integration of functional and design elements.The indoor color scheme is mainly yellow, gray and white, which refers to the simple and vivid style of BOMAG logo and also strengthens the brand. Lines are placed on the ceiling and the wall to visually create an extended space.

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