Client: Nara Thai Cuisine

Location: Maneeya Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Typology: Office
Project Size: 250m2

Project date: 2019
Services: Project Management


Nara Thai Cuisine is a renowned restaurant brand in Thailand. Founded by a group of Thai Female entrepreneurs in 2004, the restaurant was named “Nara”, which comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “Woman”. The brand devotes itself to an authentic Thai heritage combined with a modern feminine ambiance, an approach which Nara wanted to implement in its new headquarter offices in Bangkok. VIRTUARCH has successfully handover this project at the beginning of 2020.

Traditional Thailand decoration elements are adopted in the design of the Bangkok office. Caisson patterns can be found on the conference room ceiling, while hexagonal patterns are used on the floor. This design reminds of the ancient bourgeois villa décor mixing eastern and western elements. The color fields’ strict geometries convey an architectural feel, while lively colors and some ironic twists – like Herman-Miller chairs, antique furniture and made-to-order furniture are combined in a smart and harmonious way – immediately contradict the serious appearance. The Nara brand prestige is also reflected in the selection of these high-end furniture.

The office hosts executive management, Human Resource, project and marketing department. The positions of all elements in the office strictly follow the traditional rules of feng-shui. Adopting the transparent and communicative open office concept of Nara Cuisine, it offers a few of workplaces that are organized in groups of face-to-face desks along the window side.

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