Beijing, P.R. China

IMEIK R&D CENTER, Beijing, P.R. China 

IMEIK, leading innovative company of biomedical soft tissue materials in China, chose Virtuarch to realize the Interior Decoration for their new R&D Center in Changping, Beijing.

Virtuarch developed a unique cutting-edge concept based on a gradual change of main color (starting from the red in basement arriving to the corporative blue at 6th and last floor) and a pattern of flower blossoms projected over lighting perforated ceilings and decorated walls, with the usage of modern half-tone images and colorful LVT office floors.

Emphasis was given to the 2nd floor, which is the main office space of this R&D center, designed for 110 employees deployed on 2 wings according to a sort of double butterfly arrangement.

3rd, 4th and 5th floor are totally dedicated to the R&D laboratories. Virtuarch was developing the lab workplaces together with a specialized laboratory company.

Special mention to the 6th floor where IMEIK located it’s customer center wit showroom.

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