The Site Teams of KERN-LIEBERS, VIRTUARCH, the General Contractor and the Jianli held a ceremony to celebrate the achievement of 100,000 safe working hours with zero accidents in KERN-LIEBERS construction project on July 3, 2020. Mr. Tobias Kimmich from KERN-LIEBERS, the president of VIRTUARCH, Mr. Daniel Heusser and the Project Manager David Ding gave their speeches sequentially, thanking everyone involved in the construction for their commitment to the safety concept and promising that VIRTUARCH will continue its mission to create a healthier and safer working environment for all project construction personnel.

A New Production Hub and Regional Headquarter for KERN-LIEBERS in Taicang

KERN-LIEBERS is a global technology leader for the production of highly complex strip and wires parts and assemblies, as well as supplier positioned in the global automotive, textile and consumer goods industries. The KERN-LIEBERS China Group of Companies was established in 1993 in Jiangsu, becoming the first German-funded enterprise in Taicang.

In order to keep up with the company’s business development, KERN-LIEBERS China asked VIRTUARCH to design and manage the project for their new production hub and regional headquarters in Taicang, bringing a significant expansion of KERN-LIEBERS’ automotive components production base in China.

The KERN-LIEBERS expansion project covers a total plot size of 29,260 square meters and a total construction area of 39,358 square meters. The construction area of the first phase is 13,340 square meters, including office buildings, production workshops, warehouses, utility rooms, waste rooms and guard houses.

Phase 1 of the project is currently in the stage of indoor electromechanical installation, office building decoration and outdoor construction. This first phase is scheduled to be completed by the end of September 2020.

Introducing the Safety Management Concept

At the request of KERN-LIEBERS, VIRTUARCH provided a comprehensive set of project management services, starting from project preparation till completion of the project. VIRTUARCH’s services included programing, scheduling, budgeting, concept design, design management, preliminary review and application for public facilities, procurement management, cost control, progress control, quality control, safety management and risk control.

Right from the start, VIRTUARCH had a strong focus on construction safety management, considering safe and reliable construction from the design stage. VIRTUARCH assessed the contractor’s safety management ability when selecting contractors. During the construction, VIRTUARCH strictly control all construction activities in accordance with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations. Other than that, VIRTUARCH supervise the safety management activities of all contractors, such as safety training, safety inspections, regular meetings, and safety reports, etc.

Strict and Mature HSE Control

VIRTUARCH set high HSE management standards during supervision and contractor bidding, inspected the HSE management of bidders’ ongoing projects, and strictly reviewed the qualifications and business capabilities of each contractor’s safety management team.

In the construction process, from the owner, the management company, the supervisor to the general contract management team, they all strictly supervise and manage each specific construction activity in accordance with HSE regulations. Safety activities have been carried out continuously. VIRTUARCH organizes and leads safety meetings, and rewards teams and individuals with good performance.

In addition, VIRTUARCH regularly organizes security risk assessments and implements countermeasures against all risks. If faced with major risks, VIRTUARCH requires the contractor to prepare special plans and organize corresponding drills.

VIRTUARCH has always regarded environmental protection as one of the important construction requirements. By strictly controlling chemicals or construction materials that may pollute groundwater and soil, VIRTUARCH ensures that any damage to the environment is avoided. In terms of personnel health, VIRTUARCH conducts regular safety and health inspections on the dormitory, restaurant and food of the contractor to ensure that there are no hidden dangers.

The premise of safety management is to formulate rules, the principle of safety management is to enforce the rules, and the realization of safety requires the joint efforts of all project participants. The achievement of 100,000 safety working hours for the KERN-LIEBERS project is only a milestone in safety management. VIRTUARCH will continue to work hard to ensure that each project in the future will be successfully delivered.





PROJECT SIZE: 39,358 sqm

PROJECT DATE: 2019-2020


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