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BOMAG is the world’s leading manufacturer of road equipment from Germany. BOMAG’s new plant in Changzhou offers a production area of about 40,885 square meters and has a multifunction building of circa 5,583 square meters with office and R&D functions, as well as a generous lobby with show room, meeting and training rooms and leisure spaces and social functions such as a canteen and changing rooms. It is an industrial project with unique aesthetic attributes, and a new landmark which shows how VIRTUARCH leads industry trends in modern industrial building design and implementation.

01 Design Concepts

The future is coming, Future is today.

We are living in an era of intelligent data where cross-tech achievements such as big data, the Internet and artificial intelligence are constantly emerging. Information, symbols, technology and craftsmanship are constantly evolving, but for architects, their pursuit of a simple but powerful architectural language for functional space is unchanged. By using the special language of architecture, they give inspirations to and create a better life for users.

02 Exterior: Functionality Meets Aesthetics

BOMAG’s new plant consists of an efficient production plant and a modern office building with a unique appearance. It is not only a production center but also an innovative workplace.

The office building is located in the southern part of the plant, with a length of 140 meters and a width of 35 meters. The internal functions include semipublic functions on the Ground Floor (1/F) such as reception, showroom, training and meeting rooms, staff canteen and the changing rooms for the workers entering from the side entrance, while generous open space offices and management offices are located on the upper floors of the building. A balcony in front of the 2/F and the sculpturally shaped roof give the office building a characteristic dynamic shape.

The exterior of the building reflects an intelligent integration of functional and design elements.

The workshop building has a length of 266 meters and a maximum width of 145 meters. The internal layout is consequently based on the requirements of an optimized industrial production process. The production building includes all the production lines for the assembly of BOMAG’s roadbuilding machines, including warehouses, painting booths, test chamber, but also functions such as a  prototype workshop, a laboratory, etc.

03 Interior: Integration of Modern Aesthetics

The interior design style is similar to the exterior. The idea is to bring in natural light and to create a flexible working space, providing a comfortable environment for BOMAG’s employees.

The indoor color scheme is mainly yellow, gray and white, which refers to the simple and vivid style of BOMAG logo and also strengthens the brand. Lines are placed on the ceiling and the wall to visually create an extended space.

VIRTUARCH took the aesthetics of BOMAG’s roadbuilding machines as an inspiration and chose natural, real and industrial materials for the design of the showroom. A big concrete wall integrating a generous stair to the upper office floors, a concrete pavement and a metal grid ceiling are reflecting the ‘natural habitat’ of BOMAG’s equipment in use. The entire showroom breaths an industrial atmosphere, carefully illuminated by natural illumination and artificial illumination.

A training room is set on the first floor. More natural lights is brought into the room through the large windows. The linear ceiling and lamps on the top introduce an industrial taste.

The ceiling setting in the dining room incorporates geometric elements, echoing the architectural shape. The room is designed to host also townhall meetings for BOMAG’s staff and annual parties.

The meeting rooms are held in a simple but functional style, always reflecting the overall design concept of the building.

The office area takes the theme color of white floors with dark gray elements. The streamlines above emphasizes the aesthetics of the spatial structure and creates a vibrant working atmosphere.

The “work café” occupies a three-story interconnected space, designed in a bright and modern style. A green roof over the changing rooms and the double-story windows at the tip of the office building provide a bright, generous anddynamic atmosphere. Overall, the spacious layout creates a warm and comfortable space where employees can communicate with each other and inspire each other with new ideas.

04 Green Design

VIRTUARCH used asustainable design approach for the building. Despite the limited budget available for an Industrial project in China, VIRTUARCH managed applying a green energy-saving and sustainabilty strategy, developing the building shape and facade design in consideration of energy-saving, natural illumination and user comfort. A fixed installed louver system provides sunshading, and a lighting simulation verified that the use of artificial lighting can be reduced.

05 Construction Materials

Part of the concept is to strictly use local construction materials. Bare and solid concrete for the walls, pebble stones, metal grills, green walls and roof landscapes perfectly integrate BOMAG’s heavy mechanical properties with natural elements.

06 Project Information

Project Name: BOMAG Plant Changzhou

Project Location: Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China
Project scale: 40,885m2
Project Year: 2018-2019
Services: Architecture design, Interior design, Design management, Project management

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