VIRTUARCH Wins the BEED AWARDS 2022 for Outstanding Educational Architecture Design

VIRTUARCH is honored to have won the BEED AWARDS 2022 for outstanding performance and contribution in Educational Buildings Design. Daniel Heusser, President of VIRTUARCH, accepted the award during a ceremony on August 18, 2022, at the BEED conference in Suzhou. The “Future Campus Planning and Building Design” trophy was handed over by David Li, the principal of NAS Suzhou, Xiangcheng.

VIRTUARCH has realized over 100 educational projects in China plus numerous more in Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia) as well as in Europe (Switzerland and other countries).

VIRTUARCH has been successfully realizing educational projects in Asia since 2003. VIRTUARCH’s core expertise are Architecture Design, Interior Design, Landscaping Design and Project Management.

VIRTUARCH has realized kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, K-12 campuses, vocational training centers and adult education facilities and has won several awards for its outstanding Educational Projects. Today, over 100,000 children and students are enjoying their schooldays in spaces designed by VIRTUARCH.

VIRTUARCH Project | DEHONG Beijing International Chinese School

VIRTUARCH Project | The Bay Academy, Shenzhen

VIRTUARCH Project | Dulwich EY Centre Shenzhen


BEED AWARDS is dedicated to encouraging the sensory and functional improvement of educational environments, as well as identifying quality products and solutions for schools and fostering their own culture and identity.

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