China Schools Awards 2022

VIRTUARCH’s work as designers of high quality schools has been highlighted by not less than 4 nominations as the China Schools Awards (CSA) of the British Chamber. These finalists were:

  • Dulwich International High-School in Zhuhai
  • SPGS International School Chengdu 
  • Dehong International Chinese School in Beijing 
  • Dulwich College in Suzhou

At an event held in Chengdu on the 24th of February 2023, the achievements were celebrated. 

Watch the video of our award winning project.

The China Schools Awards which has 11 award categories recognizing the best of international-oriented K12 education in China. The organization is awarded School Design Award for the most sustainable, innovative and outstanding school design services.

The Ceremony of CSA 2022

VIRTUARCH interprets sustainability not only in an ecological sense, but also in respect to financial sustainability and sustainability of future use. The design of DULWICH in Zhuhai is a good example for VIRTUARCH’s skills to transform a school program into a playful, characteristic school environment where each space has its clear identity. The students enjoy the freedom to move through highly interconnected spaces, have view lines connecting inside and outdoor areas, experience courtyards, roof terraces and voids. VIRTUARCH masters the harvesting and staging of natural daylight, the combination of ancient and natural materials with modern materials and techniques, giving the DULWICH Zhuhai building a strong cultural imprint and a truly humanistic and holistic approach.

Dehong Campus in Beijing: A state-of-the-art school campus offering fantastic opportunities to the students

VIRTUARCH proves in its school projects that perfect learning environments are like good friends to the students, always being there for them, concerning about their health, their needs, their dreams and therefore inspiring their creativity. In the future, VIRTUARCH will continue to commit to people-oriented projects with a focus on future generations.

SPGS International School Chengdu: A very dense campus managing to keep a student-friendly scale

Dulwich College in Suzhou 

VIRTUARCH congratulates its school partners for having been nominated and having won awards. It’s a great honor to work for the leading schools in China and to realize great educational projects together with them. Good architecture is, after all, always an expression of a good cooperation between the Architect and the Owner. 

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