VIGEL New Factory Opening in Jintan

We are thrilled to announce the new factory opening of our client VIGEL! The opening ceremony took place on March 13th in Jintan, Jiangsu Province. VIRTUARCH’s team has been working tirelessly throughout the years of the pandemic to make this dream a reality.

Check out the video of the VIGEL plant construction!

As the sun rose, the iconic “V” of the logo of VIGEL welcomed the numerous guests who began to arrive at the factory, including government representatives, industry leaders, partners, and friends. The ceremony began with the traditional ribbon-cutting to officially launch the opening of the new factory.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony

During the event, VIRTUARCH Operations Director, Mrs. Chiara Dossi, had the pleasure to meet and have a short interview with Mr. Fabrizio Pesce, President of VIGEL Group.

Mrs. Chiara Dossi interviews Mr. Fabrizio Pesce, President of VIGEL Group

Chiara Dossi: We met in person about 3 years ago in your Headquarter in Italy where we talked about your idea of a new factory in China, and now, after everything that happened during this time, you were able to come here for the first time and see your project realized. What has been your first impression when you saw the building?

Fabrizio Pesce: Finally, after such a long time and such a lot of work, we had the possibility to come to China and see the new factory. It has been a great emotion for us because, due to the fact that we were forced to work all these years remotely, we could not have the exact perception of how we were going to achieve the goal, so it has been a really touching moment to see the work completed so well and being ready to start this new adventure in China starting from here.


Showroom and spiral stairs

Chiara Dossi: What is the part of the building that you like the most and why?

Fabrizio Pesce: For sure the part I like the most is the office area, but as I am a ‘factory man’, I also value a lot the production area. Of the whole space, I particularly appreciate the illumination both natural and artificial, which creates a comfortable environment for the people who will work here. Also, the canteen and the training room are well defined in every small detail with an especially beautiful design. Virtuarch really did a great job! 

Meeting Room

The work cafe, the heart of the office area of VIGEL in Jintan

Chiara Dossi: What do you believe VIGEL will achieve in China through this new plant?

Fabrizio Pesce: We have a lot of expectations now in China. Even though VIGEL is present in China since 2011, with this new investment we will make our presence much stronger in a market of primary importance for us. We are looking in expanding our customer base and services for our standard machine center products line and make VIGEL China at the center of our group strategy. We have a lot of confidence, and we hope that the market will recognize the effort we have done here in Jintan.

Production hall of VIGEL

VIRTUARCH is happy to hand over this new factory to VIGEL. The opening of VIGEL’s Jintan factory represents a significant milestone in the company’s history. The factory’s modern design and state-of-the-art facilities are a testament to the quality of our work, and it is a fitting symbol of our commitment to delivering better futures. 

It was our honor to work with VIGEL for this impactful project and we wish them all the success in their new Jintan factory!

Mrs.Chiara Dossi from VIRTUARCH with the VIGEL Group Management

VIGEL facade

VIGEL by night: A dynamic building shape illuminating the Jintan landscape

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