VIRTUARCH Wins School Design Award at Guangzhou Festival

“Unbuilt” was the theme of Ideal Architecture Festival (IAF) 2022, which took place this March in Guangzhou. VIRTUARCH’s Early Year Building and Aqua Center for Dulwich College Beijing, a future holistic education and green building concept, wins the Best prize for educational projects of the Ideal Architecture Festival, Edition 2022. Daniel HEUSSER, President of VIRTUARCH was honored to receive the prize and hold a lecture introducing VIRTUARCH’s dream of child-friendly educational building design. 

Early Year Building and Aqua Center of Dulwich College Beijing

The Ideal Architecture Festival, an international competition, aims at collecting (yet) “unbuilt” architectural design works from architects and designers around the world. It both presents innovative design ideas to the industry and creates a momentum for outstanding projects through the presentation of “unbuilt” works.

Opening and Award Ceremony

Mr. Heusser, in an interview with the media, pointed out the importance of rooting projects in the needs of the users of a building. Educational buildings, he believes, need to be as inspiring as a good friend to the students throughout their school years.

The top three ranks of the Education Awards on stage

With 20 years’ experience and over 500 projects successfully realized, VIRTUARCH’s team has raised a growing awareness among its customers of the importance of good kindergarten and school design as well as for sustainable building design.

Dream Presentation

The design of the Early Year Building and the Aqua Center Dulwich College Beijing is a typical skillful combination of developing the design from inside, starting at the very needs and dreams of the Early Years students, and combining it with iconic and well-proportioned building shapes. This approach is typical for VIRTUARCH and is one of the key reasons why VIRTUARCH’s projects are both inspiring to the students and cost-efficient for the owners. 

Being used to complex building programs which VIRTUARCH often develops for its Clients and together with the future users of the buildings, VIRTUARCH is certainly mastering the process of bringing visions to realization. 

Our future generations will grow up having their individual learning journey in an environment that is full of sunlight, possibilities, creativity and imagination.

Creative Play and Holistic Learning in Generous Indoor Play Areas

Shared Bathroom of Two Kindergarten Classrooms

25 Meter Swimming Pool with Visitor Stands

The VIRTUARCH team clearly lays out a vision for a building which links future and is looking forward to this project being realized in the coming years. “Unbuilt”, Mr. Heusser pointed out in the interview with the Media, and receiving an award for it, is nice. But the real award for him and his team are realized projects and many happy students growing up in them.

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