DiaSorin R&D Center: A Linear Design For A Dynamic Workplace

We are glad to announce the recent completion of the offices of the new R&D Center of DiaSorin in Shanghai! Our client DiaSorin is an Italian company global leader in the laboratory diagnostics market, specializing in the immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics segments. VIRTUARCH was in charge of the interior design of the workplaces and social areas located on the fourth and fifth floors of the building.

We take inspiration from our clients

The concept we developed takes inspiration from the structure of molecules. The irregular segments that make up the molecular structure have been adopted as the characteristic element of this project, while also combining the brand color of DiaSorin with well-placed natural elements such as green walls and wooden floors. We have used white as the main base color, and the blue from the DiaSorin logo as a decorative element. The final effect is simple but with a striking sense of design, exactly as requested by our client.

Diasorin R&D Center in Shanghai, China

Following our vision when creating workspaces, we have designed the space to be both functional and user-friendly, with the aim of improving the employees’ productivity while also being inspiring, thus contributing to the overall well-being of the employees. Our design brings a sense of vitality and dynamism to the workplace with special attention being given to common areas where people can meet, exchange ideas, and relax.

A functional office area on the fifth floor

When arriving on the fifth floor, the reception area is conceived to reflect the welcoming and now younger spirit of the company. Considering the limited area, we have adopted visual decorations, such as the linear lighting elements that connect the floor with the ceiling, to make the area look more spacious. In terms of materials, the two types of concrete grey LVT flooring and the matte metal panels add a modern vibe to the whole environment. The same style is also applied to the main hallway, creating a sense of continuity that guides people inside the office area. 

Diasorin welcoming reception on the fifth floor

Entering the office, the client required to organize the area into an open space that maintains the original open ceiling. We applied white soundproof rubber coating for noise absorption and paid special attention to the design of MEP, while also reducing the cost of construction. 

Spacious office area

A functional meeting room

An enjoyable community area on the fourth floor

On the fourth floor, the main lobby gives access to all the public functions of the R&D Center, such as the canteen, the pantry, the meeting and training areas. In particular, the canteen can be divided into two areas by movable soundproof partitions, thus allowing for different allocations of the space. When the partition is fully open, the space can be used as a canteen to accommodate all employees working at this location of DiaSorin. When the movable partition is closed, the whole area can be transformed into two separate zones serving as meeting rooms, cooperation spaces and community area. 

Thanks to the use of diagonal lines the space gains a special sense of dynamism. In addition, the predominance of wooden colors, together with decorative elements in white and blue, the brand colors of Diasorin, convey an overall warm and comfortable spatial experience.

The community area for socializing

As for the lobby and the pantry, we specially applied plant walls, with the aim of providing employees with a sense of relaxation and reduced levels of stress.

The comfortable office pantry

Project Name: DiaSorin R&D Center, Shanghai, China 
Design: 2021
Construction: 2022
Built Area: 1,830 ㎡
Services: Interior Design, Project Management

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