The dream workspace to inspire Bosch’s employees 

On March 29th, 2023, we were thrilled to participate in the opening ceremony of the new workspace for Bosch’s head office in Rayong.  This important occasion marked the realization of new office workplaces with a sense of community that Bosch strives to create for their employees. In fact, the Bosch Hemaraj plant invited their colleagues of the Amata Plant to celebrate this important milestone together. 

Design concept inspired by a sense of community

Bosch’s Project Team celebrating the new office in Rayong, Thailand

The previous workspace used to be a functional, but anonymous office in an industrial building, exactly the same as many other workplaces in industrial buildings. It was mainly designed with a formal atmosphere that had to support company operations but didn’t reflect at all the image of a global, successful, and innovative company like Bosch. Also, it did not take into consideration the experience of the people working there. 

For this reason, last year VIRTUARCH was invited by Bosch to hold a workshop with Bosch’s employees with the aim of understanding their idea for the workplace of their dreams. The feedback received indicated a strong desire for an open and large office, that could offer both a more private and quieter environment for formal meetings, as well as common areas for informal discussions and idea sharing.

By keeping these needs in mind, we have transformed Bosch’s office into a modern, lively, and enjoyable workplace that fosters collaboration, creativity, and productivity. 

Three Core Areas

Specifically, the design of the workplace is centered around three core areas: the lounge with pantry, the brainstorming area, and the meeting room area. Each of these spaces is envisaged to allow employees to carry on different work and social activities depending on their needs.  

A cozy pantry

A functional meeting room; the wooden finishing creates intimacy

A stress-free brainstorming area with playful light and sound-absorption elements

One of the features of this open workspace project is the private phone booths, which are simply perfect for employees who need to take important or sensitive calls without being disturbed by other background noises.

The phone booths

As for the ceiling, we opted for an open ceiling that, by leaving mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations exposed, makes the whole office look more spacious and more contemporary.  From an aesthetic point of view, it also brings an industrial and modern vibe to the space. 

The open ceiling reflects the modern and industrial soul of Bosch

With regard to the choice of materials and colours, we have used wood and white stone that add a feeling of a natural environment and are conducive to a widespread sense of calmness that can help reduce stress and boost creativity. In particular, acoustic panels with wooden colours are used in the ceiling to maintain consistency with the colour palette and material selection of the project. 

Wood panels convey a widespread feeling of calmness

Project Name: BOSCH Rayong
Location: Rayong, Thailand
Built Area: 800 ㎡
Construction Time: January 2023 – March 2023
Services: Interior Design

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Bosch’s new shared community workspace in Rayong is a shining example of how a well-designed workplace can inspire and motivate employees for ensuing years to come, and ultimately contribute to the future development of the company. If you would also like to create a functional and enjoyable workplace, please feel free to contact us at:

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