A Collaborative Workplace for April Insurance After COVID-19

Virtuarch Bangkok has successfully completed the office renovation of April Insurance in the vibrant heart of Bangkok in the role of the turn-key contractor in charge for design and decoration.

April Insurance (Thailand) Co. Ltd., an insurance company established in France, is housed in an iconic building built in the 1990s, where it was aiming at implementing an advanced office design representing its brand identity and meeting the needs of the operations worldwide.

However, the plans for the office renovation took an unexpected turn in 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With a sudden shift to remote work, April Insurance had to reconsider the purpose of their physical workspace and deal with the possibility of work-from-home. They realized that individual work requiring deep focus is best done remotely, prompting management to employ VIRTUARCH to strategize a redesign that optimizes the office areas for maximum efficiency.

The collaborative hub with digital equipment, building a wide connection

The redesign by VIRTUARCH put the emphasis on a spacious digital hub room, a series of conference, meeting and breakout rooms in the core of the open-space office, serving as a central hub for collaborative work, brainstorming sessions, and fostering the company’s vibrant culture.

Stepping into the office, the bright green color at the entrance immediately catches visitors’ attention to recall April’s logo. The interior project which spans 780 square meters, avoiding excessive formality, focuses on creating a refreshing contrast to the original office design.

Extensive black, a sharp contrast to April’s brand colour

Decoration elements of natural wood, glass partitions, linear lights and green plants, combining with a mixture of green, yellow and black, add an elegant and contemporary touch to workplaces of April in Thailand.

The efficient use of the outer space: A quiet and informal meeting area

VIRTUARCH successfully transformed April’s office into a dynamic and collaborative workspace that aligns with April Insurance’s values. Apart from a large digital meeting room, functional spaces concerning the wellbeing and productive work of the employees, such as social workstations, phone booths, break-out meeting rooms, pantry rooms, and relaxing spaces have been implemented.

Since Covide-19, patterns of working have varied from industry to industry. As an architecture firm with branch offices in Switzerland, Shanghai and Bangkok, VIRTUARCH has rich experiences and diversified talents to deal with the renovation of workplaces.

Client: April Insurance (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Project size: 780m2

Design date: June 2022

Construction period: January 2023 – May 2023

Services: Construction & Interior Design, Project Management

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