Yangshengtang’s Exhibition Hall of Water Health on the Mountains

Yangshengtang focused on the industry of life health is a modern high-tech company, having an enormous number of popular products for consumers. VIRTUARCH  was commissioned to provide the interior design service for their project on Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province, where abundant water sources, unique landscapes and diverse types of plants and animals were the inspiration for our team.  

When VIRTUARCH took over the project, the main issue was that Yangshengtang gave us a first draft of the design plan. In the circumstances of design limit, VIRTUARCH thought of an innovative and practical design concept based on Chinese culture and contemporary art. The project decorated primarily in simple shades of white aims to create a clean and bright space with the functions of an exhibition and business affairs.

The double-height lobby

A bright and friendly exhibition area welcomes the visitors

Creating a brand impression in the space

Entering the lobby, the logo and the landscape pattern on the wooden grate wall will soon come into view. Red ceiling lights made of iron not only add a nimble vibe to the space, but also echo the brand color. A lamp formed from numerous bulbs and various blue mosaic wall greatly symbolize the products’ clean water without any artificial minerals.

Reception area echoing the brand philosophy: Good water sources as foundation of healthy products

Following its brand concept of nature and health, the lobby paved with cream tiles gives us a spacious and pure feeling. Visitors can go up stairs to get to the second floor, having more interested in the drinking water.

The staircase having the special style

Giving enlightenment about the products

On the second floor, visitors will have a comfortable experience in knowing all aspects of its products and history. The pantry is decorated with wooden grate ceiling, wooden floor and the circular carpet, as well as deepening the impression of a natural environment.

Warm colors in the pantry giving the area a homely character

The split design with the shape of a diamond on the ceiling adds geometric aesthetics to the space. In particular, the wooden grate ceiling leads up to the showroom. Cultural board installed on black iron shelves makes the space stretch into infinity like a picture scroll, guiding visitors through the showroom.

A functional showroom decorated with multiple materials 

The informal meeting area connecting the lobby and outdoors

Spreading water knowledge through lighting and sound technologies

As for life health, there are several types of drinking water consisted of plenty of knowledge. Visitors will watch a company’s video, as if being under the lake. Square acoustic panels were combined in a multitude of different directions to imitate the wave of lake. Emphasizing on the people’s experience, VIRTUARCH has mastered abundant technologies to create a multi-sensory space. The ripples on the ceiling and high-quality sound help to create a comfortable atmosphere.

The interesting and characteristic entrance to Spring Cinema 

A spacious cinema with the irregular geometry

Significantly, Yangshengtang’s exhibition hall is one of VIRTUARCH’s successful cases which build a brand identity and present the brand position among drinking water industry.

Client: Yangshengtang

Built Area: 1,100m2

Design Time: 2021

Construction Time: 2022

Service: Interior Design

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