Congratulations to WLCSP Industrial Park’s Topping-out

Topping-out of the new industrial park invested by China Wafer Level CSP Co., Ltd. in Suzhou was celebrated on July 31, 2023. The Owner and the site teams of VIRTUARCH, the General Contractor and the Jianli celebrated the important milestone in a small ceremony on site.

China Wafer Level CSP Co., Ltd. (WLCSP) was founded in 2005, having been a leader in innovating, developing technology and manufacturing for almost ten years. With the vision to add value to its clients, partners and employees, WLCSP made a decision to invest into the new industrial park for its partners and suppliers on the plot next to its main production facility located in Suzhou Industrial Park. The investment clearly aims at strengthening the location as a world class high-tech park, and the appointment of VIRTUARCH as architects and project managers has set a clear signal in this respect.

WLCSP Industrial Park: One R&D building with 11 stories high, five production plants with 4 stories high, two office buildings with 2 stories high, and supporting facilities such as one canteen building and one parking building

VIRTUARCH was employed as the role of architecture design and project management for this industrial project covering the area of 120,000 square meters. Since the start of construction in 2022, VIRTUARCH has allocated a competent site team managing the construction on behalf of the Owner, guaranteeing that the project is on track for completion within budget, schedule and Owner’s requirements. VIRTUARCH, in its role leading the site, provided cost-effective and practical solutions to unpredictable issues and conditions that would otherwise have had the potential of delaying the progress of construction.

An industrial hub with high-tech facilities, representing WLCSP’s leadership

The topping-out of WLCSP, a new construction milestone, was successfully celebrated on July 31,2023. The topping-out success is credited to all the people from the Owner (China Wafer Level CSP Co., Ltd.), the Design and Project Management (Virtuarch), the Jianli and the GC.

A ceremony on the 11F rooftop

The safe work hours have added up to 500,000 ending June 2023. A safe construction environment without accident is a prerequisite for the site managed by VIRTUARCH. (Know more about safety management: Safety First: WLCSP Industrial Park Site Managed By VIRTUARCH)

The workers and management involved are a guarantee and confidence of the topping-out success. The progress of construction was affected due to COVIDE-19 last December. Despite this disruption and a period of heavy rain resulting in the flooding of neighboring roads in July this year, topping out was reached within the time frame foreseen for the project.

VIRTUARCH always puts the emphasis on the people during any stage of the project, be in when drafting the vision for buildings, designing the workplaces, but also when leading construction sites in its role as Project Managers. A series of safe and preventive measures on the site were smoothly implemented by the management to deal with potential dangerous and bad weather.

Bird view

Based on the completion of well over 100 industrial projects in China, VIRTUARCH has skillfully mastered to manage the project with the various built area within budget and schedule.

Project Name: WLCSP Industrial Park, Suzhou

Plot Area: Suzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China

GFA: 120,000 m2

Project Timeline: 2022-2024

Services: Architecture Design, Project Management

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