China Wafer Level CSP Co., Ltd. (WLCSP),focusing on the innovative field, is a leading supplier of wafer level miniaturization technologies and processes for the electronics industry. VIRTUARCH is responsible for architecture design and project management of the new supplier park of WLCSP in Suzhou.

The project under construction

WLCSP as one of the leading companies in this field in China wanted to realize an efficient, functional and flexible Industrial Park for its suppliers and other companies.

500,000 safe work hours celebration for WLCSP Industrial Park was held on June 29, 2023.

The rendering picture 

WLCSP Industrial Park with a built area of 120,000sqm is designed to host spaces for work, production and supporting services. The whole park consists of one R&D building with 11 stories high, five production plants with 4 stories high, 2 office buildings with 2 stories high, and supporting facilities such as one canteen building and one parking building. The number of safe work hours has added up to 500,000 since the construction begun.( Read more design concepts: WLCSP Industrial Park)

The event was attended by around 380 people from the Owner (China Wafer Level CSP Co., Ltd.), the Design and Project Management (Virtuarch), the Jianli and the GC. At the celebration, delegates sent their warm congratulations and applauded the safe management work of this project.

A group photo of YANG Xingxin and LIU Liang from WLCSP, Duncan ZHENG and the VIRTUARCH project management team, the Jianli and the GC teams

LIU Liang from WLCSP making a speech

LIU Liang, who is responsible for project management on the Owner’ side said, “Thanks to all employees’ professional work and strict supervision, we can achieve the goal of 500,000 safe work hours on this site. Safety is important to teams, families and employees. I hope you ensure yourself safety and do the safe management work well as always.”

Vincent from VIRTUARCH emphasizing the awareness of risks

VIRTUARCH’s Project Manager Vincent ZOU said, “We thank all the workers and managers of the involved companies  present for your hard work. As the responsible site managers of the construction and installation teams you provide your workers with a safe construction environment without accidents. As soon as finding the safety risks, every manager must correct any mistakes. In addition, all workers are encouraged to stop working and report the safety risks to their group leader or to project management immediately when identifying a risk. Let’s work toward the goal of 1000,000 safe work hours.”  

A dynamic building taking shape: Good site management allows for safe, accident-free construction 

Managements and workers taking part in the fire drill 

The souvenirs of 500,000 safe work hours encouraging the workers
So far, everyone has attached great importance to the safe work. Keeping safety education and raising the awareness of the employees for the safety play and safety measures has an important effect on our achievement of keeping the construction site accident-free. To deal with the potential fire and reduce losses, Wang Bo, Safety Manager of Suzhou ErJian Construction Group Co., Ltd. introduced the use of a fire extinguisher. The souvenirs of 500,000 safe work hours which represent a milestone of WLCSP project were handed out to every worker on site, thanking them for their hard work and contribution on keeping the site safe and clean.

YANG Xingxin, Deputy General Manager of WLCSP, giving an award to the construction companies

Advanced workers getting an award for their safe work

Project Name: WLCSP Industrial Park, Suzhou

Plot Area: Suzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China

GFA: 120,000 m2

Project Timeline: 2022-2024

Services: Architectural Design, Project Management

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