A Modern and Visionary Building for Piovan Group in Suzhou

In Suzhou, a city steeped in tradition yet thriving with modernity, Piovan Group is set to make a bold statement with its new factory and offices. VIRTUARCH has undertaken the mission of designing a contemporary, functional, and comfortable building that encapsulates both the innovative spirit of Piovan Group and the essence of Suzhou’s rich cultural heritage.

Piovan Group, a global leader in developing systems for automating production processes in the polymer, plastic, and food powder industries, demanded a design that mirrored its forward-thinking spirit. VIRTUARCH has responded with a building that conveys a modern and minimalist style, striking a perfect balance between simplicity and power, much like the company itself.

This visionary project aims to create a space continuum where offices, showroom, and production are interwoven in a three-dimensional ‘Suzhou Garden’ quality space that seamlessly blends contemporary industrial aesthetics with natural harmony, ultimately fostering a positive and vibrant workspace. The emphasis on green design is evident, with meticulous planning for lush lawns, low shrubs, and trees that complement the surrounding industrial environment.

Piovan Group’s new factory and offices in Suzhou

At the center of this design concept is a commitment to creating a work environment that is not only functional but also enriching and inspiring. The architecture is meticulously planned to prioritize the well-being and comfort of the employees. The building facade is based on clear shapes and a strong color concept. This approach creates an atmosphere that is bright, clear, and harmonious, reflecting the enterprise’s strength and its mission of pioneering technology development and innovation.

The building itself is thoughtfully laid out across two stories of production and four stories of offices accommodating all functions of a greenfield industrial project: logistic areas, warehouses, production areas, showroom, offices and social areas.

A bright showroom with access to a courtyard garden visualizes the industrial spirit of Piovan

The wooden floor and Chinese landscape on the first floor create a friendly atmosphere

The reception area on the ground floor is where visitors get the first welcoming impression entering Piovan Group’s building. Its lighting design, crafted in a graceful arc, not only adds an atmospheric visual element but also subtly echoes the Piovan Group logo. Just next to the reception, an interesting open staircase built in metal leads the visitor through a four-story space linking all major functions of the building, opening interesting views into spaces of flexibility and vitality.

A welcoming reception for an impactful first impression

A modern open staircase linking all the key areas

The pantry and brainstorming space with a view of the production area

Venturing further into the office area reveals a dynamic and well-connected workspace. Here, the design emphasizes quality and efficiency, promoting collaboration and innovation while maintaining a youthful and fresh ambiance.

A youthful and fresh workspace to foster innovation

A dynamic and well-connected workspace

The stair composition culminates on the third floor of the office building, where a large showroom and outside courtyard link to the second floor of production. VIRTUARCH again fulfills its promise of creating friendly workplaces where every employee sees daylight and outdoor green areas. This choice not only refreshes the overall aesthetic but also adds a contemporary twist to the traditional garden concept. It embodies a connection to nature and the outdoors while ensuring a modern and comfortable environment for employees. In addition, the systematic arrangement of photovoltaic panels on the roof further contributes to the building’s ecological consciousness.

The outdoor courtyard blends contemporary industrial aesthetics with Suzhou’s rich cultural heritage

The connection to nature ensures a comfortable environment for employees

In conclusion, the design concept for Piovan Group’s new office in Suzhou is nothing short of visionary. VIRTUARCH has excelled once more in the extremely complex task of creating functional, but inspiring work environments for nowadays leaders in their industries, resulting in a building that encapsulates the company’s innovative spirit while honoring the city’s cultural heritage. With its minimalist aesthetics, green initiatives, and thoughtful integration of natural elements, this building promises to be more than just a workplace – it’s a landmark for harmonious coexistence between modernity and tradition, innovation and nature, industrial production and being ‘home’ to highly motivated employees.

Project Name: Piovan, Suzhou

Project Area: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Project Timeline: 2021 – 2023

Construction Area: 15,000 m2

Services: Architecture Design, Interior Design, Project Management


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