Bar Rouge Bangkok: A Marvel of Construction Expertise

We are thrilled to announce that Bar Rouge Bangkok, a fashionable entertainment club belonging to VOL Group, has been opened to the public. It is VOL’s new venture, building up on the success of the famous Bar Rouge Shanghai atop the prestigious historical Bund 18 building built in 1923, which had certainly become an icon of Shanghai lifestyle at night. Bar Rouge contributes to a unique trend of food and beverage, theme parties and international DJs for consumers. 

Different from Bar Rouge Shanghai, Bar Rouge Bangkok is at Pullman Sukhumvit, a busy downtown area with lots of transport and commercial facilities. VOL Group has a high standard of both services and the location, aiming to be a world-class leader in the F&B industry. Virtuarch Bangkok not only was chosen as a construction contractor of Bar Rouge Bangkok, but also played a pivotal role in bringing night culture of metropolises to Thailand.

A terrace with the night view of the Bangkok skyline

When it comes to the design and construction of world-class venues, a good cooperation between the client, the designer and the contractor are key for success. With the focus being on the experience of the customers, the tight timeline for successful opening, good solutions had to be found when challenges arouse from balancing specific design preferences and other project objectives. 

Virtuarch Bangkok has a long list of the clients in the F&B industry, having the expertise to transform the client’s philosophy to the approach. The ability to navigate through difficulties, embrace collaboration, and maintain a focus on delivering excellence ultimately contributed to the success of the project.

An impressive and high-tech corridor inspiring consumers

Conceptualization and Design

The construction process of Bar Rouge Bangkok began with an intricate conceptualization and design phase signed by the Client’s appointed designer from France. VIRTUARCH’s team worked closely with the designers to translate the vision of Bar Rouge Bangkok into concrete plans. This stage involved meticulous attention to spatial planning, flow optimization, and structural considerations to create an awe-inspiring space that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Seamless Execution

During the negotiation and Bill of Quantities (BOQ) phase, the client made cost-saving decisions by reducing certain design details. It is not uncommon for clients to make some adjustments to the scope of work in order to manage costs effectively. In the case of Bar Rouge Bangkok, these modifications were aimed at reducing expenses without compromising the overall integrity of the venue.

A design with irregular arrangements of visual elements

Collaborative Approach

As a contractor in charge for the implementation of the project, our responsibility is to ensure that the client’s vision is realized to the best of our abilities while maintaining the agreed-upon standards. Even with the client’s decision to scale back certain design elements, we understood the importance of upholding the luxurious and refined aesthetic of Bar Rouge Bangkok.

Virtuarch Bangkok has the smoothness and efficiency mechanism with the designer and client to explore alternative solutions that would allow us to preserve the overall quality of the finishing. We leveraged our expertise and knowledge to propose cost-effective alternatives without sacrificing the desired ambiance and appeal of Bar Rouge.

Nourishing the spirit of luxury and refinement 

Implementing F&B projects means also handling significant pressure about the timeframe. The client had specific deadlines and objectives that had to be met, leaving no room for delays. VIRTUARCH’s project management is aware of a sense of urgency and made sure that the project was delivered according to the agreed-upon timeline.

Also, implementing projects in existing facilities under operation means that successful implementation of the project has to be guaranteed without disturbance of the hotel guests, despite the site situation was not expecting as the original plan.

A social area full of urban atmosphere

While it is certainly not easy to navigate a satisfactory outcome through all parties involved during the construction journey, VIRTUARCH has completed the project to the full satisfaction of the Client. Due to the expertise of Architecture Design, Interior Design, Project Management and Consulting, Virtuarch Bangkok knows all aspects of working process which benefit construction, outstandingly completing the role of the contractor in this construction.

It is great seeing the night crowd partying in the new Bar Rouge in Bangkok. VIRTUARCH is honored to have been chosen to implement this prestigious project in Asia and wishes Bar Rouge lots of success.

Client: Bar Rouge Bangkok

Project Size: 1,000m2

Construction Period: February 2023 – May 2023

Services: Project Management, Construction


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