CPF Factory Design Innovating Food Production in Thailand

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF), the biggest food production conglomerate in Thailand, entrusted VIRTUARCH to handle the architectural and engineering design for their latest factory project. Situated in the northeastern region of the country, the CPF Factory Phase 1 spans an impressive area of 8,500 square meters, comprising production space, offices, and utility facilities. This is the second factory project entrusted to VIRTUARCH by CPF since the opening of VIRTUARCH’s Bangkok office in Thailand five years ago.

Inspired by the efficient design of airplane hangars providing ample flexible production space, the architecture of CPF Factory is characterized by its curved edges and generous spans. This design not only conveys a sense of modernity but also serves a crucial purpose – to facilitate the factory’s potential future expansion. Every element of the factory, from production spaces to office and administration areas, has been meticulously planned to ensure optimal integration and operational efficiency.

The food processing workflow begins at the loading dock, where raw meat arrives and undergoes meticulous selection and cleaning. It then continues to cutting machines and boilers, before finally finding its place in the freezer room, ready for shipment to the packing facilities. This streamlined workflow ensures the highest standards of quality and efficiency in meat processing.

Adjacent to the production hall stands the office building, a hub of activity that integrates social areas such as the canteen and community rooms. Constructed with the same principles as the main production building, strategically placed empty bays between enclosed functions provide flexibility for future expansion or semi-outdoor social areas.

Complementing the production and office spaces is the utility building, housing essential facilities such as the pump room, electrical room, storage, and maintenance office. Positioned parallel to the main production hall, it follows a similar design concept, ensuring harmony in both aesthetics and function across the entire facility.

In summary, the CPF Factory Phase 1 is not merely a structure but a symbol of the fusion of architectural innovation and operational excellence. It’s exactly this special ability of VIRTUARCH to combine straight-forward functionality with good workplace design. VIRTUARCH thanks its Client CPF for the continued trust and looks forward realizing more factories in Thailand and Southeast Asia, achieving outstanding results for its Clients in the region.

Project Name: CPF Group Charoen Pokphand Foods, Thailand

Location:Yasothon, Thailand

Project Area: 8,500 m2

Project Timeline: 2021

Services: Architecture Design, Engineering Design




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