VIRTUARCH Designed the Italian Pavilion for the China Glass 2024

In the dynamic world of international exhibitions, the fusion of innovation and aesthetics is crucial to creating a unique experience both for exhibitors and visitors. VIRTUARCH is honored to have been entrusted with the design of the Italian Pavilion, organized by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in collaboration with GIMAV, the Association of Italian manufacturers and suppliers for glass processing, at the prestigious 33rd China Glass exhibition. This event, held from April 25 to 28 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, provided a platform for 15 leading Italian glass enterprises to showcase Italy’s expertise and establish a united presence in the China market.

VIRTUARCH embarked on a journey to harmoniously blend artistry and functionality, developing a design based on specific information and guidelines received from the Italian Trade Agency. VIRTUARCH took on the challenge of capturing Italy’s strength in the glass industry within an exhibition space that not only displayed technological excellence but also attracted visitors with its stunning design.

To address this task, VIRTUARCH conceived the pavilion’s highlight: a metallic and crystalline tree, symbolizing innovation and sparking curiosity among visitors. Decorative techniques play with light and shadow, fostering a welcoming environment.

The pavilion’s highlight: a metallic and crystalline tree, a symbol of artistry and innovation

At the core of the design philosophy lies the principle of sustainability. In homage to the natural world, VIRTUARCH has adopted a color palette evocative of verdant forests and flowing streams. From contemporary displays to interactive installations, each design element was meticulously planned to guarantee a memorable experience for all attendees. This approach not only enriched the pavilion’s visual charm but also underscored Italy’s dedication to innovation and environmentally friendly practices. 

At the close of China Glass 2024, VIRTUARCH is pleased to have played a strategic role in crafting the innovative design of the Italian Pavilion. By seamlessly blending technology and art, VIRTUARCH has transformed the traditional exhibition experience, showcasing Italy’s excellence in the glass industry and offering visitors a glimpse into the future of design and innovation.

VIRTUARCH’s team at China Glass 2024




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