Radici Suzhou Receives LEED Gold Certification

The new factory of RadiciGroup in Suzhou, China, designed by VIRTUARCH, was awarded the certification of LEED Gold. LEED is the most popular sustainability certification for buildings issued by U.S. Green Building Council. The Italian chemicals manufacturers Radici is expanding its production capacities for high performance polymers in Asia by opening the new facilities in Suzhou. VIRTUARCH was entrusted to lead the realization of the new plant in Suzhou delivering architecture, interior design, landscaping design and project management services.

LEED Gold certificate of Radici Suzhou

The state-of-the-art factory has also got GBL-2 star certifications, a Chinese certification for green buildings.

VIRTUARCH provided the one-stop services of architecture and interior design, and project management for Radici Suzhou, successfully completing the sustainable building using mostly local materials, resulting in a good ratio of quality to costs and a reduced negative impact on environment.

A working environment combining Suzhou touch and industrial civilization spirit

The new plant of Radici in Suzhou has been realized on a site of 36,000 square metres located in Suzhou Industrial Park. The location just next to the high-speed railway line linking Beijing and Shanghai is well reachable by public transportation, and from the closeby railway station all major cities in the Yangtze River Delta area are reachable within less than two hours.

Natural light from the skylight benefiting the lobby and the tree area under the stairs

The industrial building, the contemporary façade

VIRTUARCH designed a subtle fusion of a landmark curtain wall façade for the office building and light silver color sandwich panels for the production and warehouse buildings, realizing a characteristic green building with industrial aesthetics and multiple functions. The integrated North-oriented curtain wall system made of glass with shading elements plays an important role in indoor environment, energy conservation and brand image.

The office façade representing Radici’s strength and innovative spirit

The energy performance of the building shell was carefully calculated and plays an important role in the energy conservation. VIRTUARCH developed the façade system of the office building using L-shaped shading elements and Chinese pattern windows on the factory façade blending elements of Chinese and Western culture.

A high-tech system for reducing water and energy consumption

The key to the sustainable building is the state-of-the-art technologies, including a rainwater recycling system for plants and toilets. The equipment of the water cycle and irrigation systems help achieving the goal of reducing water waster and carbon footprint. The entire rainwater collection system was designed to reduce the peak loads of rainwater flowing into the public sewer system.

The dynamic working area with an open ceiling and direct access to a green courtyard

Another high technology is a photovoltaic system on the rooftop with a capacity of 1.4 MW to produce renewable energy. The market in China is putting much attention on the research and development of new energy, especially solar and wind energy.

Transport facilities around Radici’s factory are designed to encourage employees to use green transport; bicycle sheds and carpark areas are equipped with electric charging stations. In order to save comprehensively energy, VIRTUARCH created a solution to detail design including insulating the building, choosing energy-saving lighting systems and equipment and water-saving products.

Landscape design on the rooftop garden

VIRTUARCH gave the priority to choosing the local plants, retaining original vegetation and soil resources, implementing a sustainable design on the initial stage of the project. Many factors from design to construction can have an impact on the sustainable goal. The earlier the sustainable approach is provided for the client the better.

The unique space composition: A cozy rooftop garden between office and factory building

A comfortable library with a wide and bright view

VIRTUARCH is very honored to be a part of Radici’s expansion in China. The building with high-tech facade located in the green plants is a representative example of fantastic work environments created by VIRTUARCH.

VIRTUARCH for many employees of its clients truly stands for BUILDING BETTER FUTURES.

Project Name: RADICI Suzhou

Owner: Radici Suzhou High Performance Polymers

Built Area: 23,400 m2

Construction Time: February 2022 – April 2023

Services: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Project Management


VIRTUARCH is an international award-winning design and project management firm originating from Switzerland and with offices in China and Southeast Asia. With over 20 years of experience, we have successfully delivered more than 500 architectural and project management projects in China and across Asia.

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